G&G Hardware

The innovators

As an owner-managed, medium-sized industrial company, we deal with the production and trade of fittings made of zinc die casting, plastic injection moulding and steel for the international furniture and building hardware industry. Our primary goal is to further expand our market-leading position in order to secure our existence here in Nagold in the long term. Our competitive advantage (USP) is the globally unique and award-winning production system, coupled with very high logistical competence.


  • Use of ERP-based CRM software
  • Reliable, rapid order processing using scanner-based warehouse postings
  • Customer-specific modification of our ERP system/contingent management
  • "My G&G" - Our web-based platform for online status monitoring of orders
  • Printed catalogue and e-catalogue
  • Digital invoice despatch/ digital processing
  • ERP link to your system possible via data hub (EDI)


  • Customer-specified labelling
  • Full product traceability using barcode
  • Automated packaging on 2 packaging lines
  • Bag packaging with daily capacity of 20 t (3-shift work)
  • Small load carrier (slc) and cardboard packaging with max. daily capacity of 8 t (1-shift work)Special packaging/commercial Packaging


  • High-bay warehouse with 2.000 storage locations and 2 retrieval units
  • Total storage capacity of 3.000 pallets
  • Automated, scanner-based goods receipt postings and despatch handling
  • Full digital records of all postings/goods movements
  • Commission stock warehouse for processing small order quantities/parcel shipment


  • Certification to DIN EN ISO 9001 and audited by customer audits
    pdfCertificate G&G EN364.61 kB
  • Installed QM software with full ERP Integration
  • In-process inspections with documentation and SPC
  • Installed environment management system based on DIN EN ISO 14001
  • Installed energy management system to DIN EN ISO 50001



  • World-wide purchasing and procurement planning
  • Many years of experience in international procurement of purchased parts and supplementary products
  • Industrial components and decorative fittings
  • Partial and full automation for large unit quantities

Kunststoffspritzguss Produktion

  • Our extended workbench enables us to manufacture all types of plastic parts.
  • We design plastic parts internally
  • The injection moulding moulds are manufactured internally
  • Production and optional assembly of the parts in our partner company
  • Continuous monitoring of the produced parts


Production and Machine Construction

  • 22 fully automated die casting cells, in-house construction based on Frech, DAW 5 and DAW 20 machines
  • 25 employees, annual capacity 1.5 billion parts
  • Central automated surface treatment and separation
  • Server-linked real-time machine monitoring with traceability
  • Fully integrated ERP, digital networking of all processes

Entwicklung Konstruktion500

Design and Development

  • 4 employees
  • 3D CAD CAM workplaces networked with the mould-making
  • Premise of development: optimized low cost production and high, reliable quality
  • FEM calculation


Mould-making and Maintenance

  • 10 employees
  • Over 100 moulds per year
  • 5-axis HSC milling centre with 5-axis CAM system
  • All milling machining processes performed in-house
  • Climatised mould-making shop and machines to meet high precision requirements
  • Rapid Prototyping

Our principles

Innovation at G&G means continuously improving and optimising products and processes to achieve the best value for money for our customers.

Competence at G&G stands for know-how and horizontal integration of development, mould making, production, packaging and logistics.
All areas are digitally networked. We work with a fully integrated, state-of-the-art ERP system and are thus able to provide our customers with a complete service package.

Environment All our processes and the substances required for the manufacture of our products are constantly tested for their safety and compatibility for humans and the environment.

We deliver worldwide

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Our locations

Ferd.-Porsche Straße 46
D-72202 Nagold
Tel: +49 7452/83 94-0
Maybachstrasse 3
D-72202 Nagold
Tel: +49 7452/83 94-0
Logistic centre
Rottweiler Strasse 100
D-72184 Eutingen im Gäu
Tel: +49 7452/83 94-0