Circumventive Cam


The indestructible eccentric cam!

Our innovation of the circumventive cam is now realized in all our standard hardware!

Standard application:

A bolt is screwed into existing drill hole, the eccentric cam is pushed into the other drill hole. By turning the eccentric cam a stable connection is created due to an eccentric cam curve which grips underneath the bolt head. Problems occur if the drill hole distance of the eccentric cam drill hole is not correct or other deviations are present and therefore the pre-defined distance is not adhered to. This increases or decreases the diameter, i.e. the distance of the base board in relation to the eccentric cam curve.


If the distance is too small, then no bolting (tension) of the connection can occur and the connection will no longer work. If the distance is too large, then the stress onto the connection will be too much.

This can have the following effects:

  • Bolt thread is pulled out of the drill hole
  • Bolt head may break off
  • Eccentric cam may carve into the wood and will jut out at an angle (visually bad)
  • Eccentric cam bends and may break completely.

We have a solution for this issue!

Read more here:

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