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Our philosophy


Improving the efficiency of our company is linked to the ability to identify new opportunities and to implement them as rapidly as possible. Innovation at G&G means improving and optimising products and processes continuously with the aim of achieving an optimum price-performance ratio for our customers.


One of our main tasks in all sectors of our company is to achieve a high level of competence so that we can maintain the cutting edge in international competition. Competence at G&G stands for knowhow and the horizontal integration of development, mould-making, production, packaging and logistics. All sectors are networked to the ERP system. We work with a fully integrated, state-of-the-art resource planning system which allows us to offer our customers a complete service package.


As a zinc diecasting company, we work with raw materials that are 100% recyclable. We regard an intact nature as the basis of our life on this planet. In addition we regard it as our responsibility to act in accordance with the economy and ecology with a view to preserving the planet for future generations. All our processes and the substances required for the manufacture of our products are continuously tested for their safety and compatibility for humans and the environment. Since we are an energy intensive company, we systematically select tools to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption.