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  • High-bay warehouse with 2.000 storage locations and 2 retrieval units
  • Total storage capacity of 3.000 pallets
  • Automated, scanner-based goods receipt postings and despatch handling
  • Full digital records of all postings/goods movements
  • Commission stock warehouse for processing small order quantities/parcel shipment

At the start of the new year 2022, we at G&G Beschläge GmbH have further optimized our logistical processes for you. By introducing the time management system “Cargoclix” in our production and logistics center, we aim to shorten waiting times and avoid peak loads. After the first test phase, we firmly integrated the new process.

What is "Cargoclix"?
The free, internet-based planning tool "Cargoclix" reserves a period of time for you to deliver / collect your goods. During the reserved time period, fixed capacities are firmly planned for you at the corresponding ramp.

Who does the introduction of “Cargoclix” affect?
All of our customers and suppliers who deliver / pick up goods themselves or who commission an external shipping company to do so must book a time slot via "Cargoclix".

What must be considered with "Cargoclix"?
In the appendix you will find an “Invitation to Cargoclix” and the “Quick-Manual for carriers”. You can apply for free access to "Cargoclix" via the link If you already use "Cargoclix", you can add our company to your list via this link.