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Quotation conditions of the company G&G Beschlaege GmbH

Gate breaking edge:  
It can happen that due to shrinkage, the gate does not break off cleanly along an edge.
Minimal protrusions / eruptions can occur on the item.

In principle, there should be no overfeeds on the part. Nevertheless, it may be that minimum burr forms on the part, although this should not impair its function.

Sharp edges / Corners:
Cannot be guaranteed due to handling / deburring.

Edge rounding:    
Sharp edges can be rounded by means of a subsequent process called drumming.
Defined rounding within a certain radius, e.g. all undefined radii = R0.2) is not possible

Die marks:    
Die marks on shrink-on surfaces are possible, but do not impair the item's function.

 Blemishes / scratches on the part can occur as a result of the part being handled.

We always try to design an item with strength in mind and for optimum casting, and to cast it
with an optimum structure in order to obtain maximum strength. However, statements about
actual strengths can only be made on the basis of separate strength calculations.

Material recess:    
As specialists in the field of zinc diecasted parts, following discussion with you we will incorporate
material recesses so that the parts can be manufactured even more economically for you.

Positions of ejection pins:
We reserve the right to freely select the positions of ejection pins if they are not specifically defined.

Cavity number:    
For quality assurance reasons, it is necessary to assign a cavity number to each item.
We reserve the right to mark the position of this on a non-interfering surface.

To facilitate casting, we reserve the right add drafts to the item that are within the
required tolerances.

We will place the required dimension of the item within the complete tolerance zone to decrease the abrasion of the tool as much as possible

Version 01 / March 2013